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Workplace Transformation

Technology For A Smarter World

Workplace Transformation

Are you ready to transform into a Smart digital platform?

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Turn the workplace to the future digital workspace transformation and experiences home automation.

Make your office work harder for you (Desk Booking & Room Booking System)

The new technology Increase efficiency in your day to day life.

1. Workplace Transformation

  • Handle Room/Desk booking conflicts
  • Manage resources with a Centralized Management Console
  • Maximizing Room and Desk Space
  • Gather insights for better planning
Handle Resource Usage ConflictsSmart AdministrationDesk-to-Staff RatioStatistics At Your Fingertips
The birth of business-changing ideas often come from meeting rooms. It is inevitable for conflicts to happen when meeting room usage is high. By setting strict usage policies and display signage may just keep the heat in check.Manage resources, user groups, user permissions and usage policies with a central management console. The flexibility to reassign desk zones and team members allows trial-and-error to achieve optimal space usage.Make your workspace work harder for you. Ditch the traditional personal desk arrangements and replace it with co-sharing desks. Users make on-demand booking and utilize the desks only when needed.Make better resource planning decisions by gathering insightful data on usage trends and resource loads. Identify key factors deterring growth in productivity per square metre.
PanL Desk ManagerPanL Room Manager
PDM enable organizations to automatically manage hot desk bookings and increase the number of users to desk ratio without compromising user experience.PRM mitigates and eliminates booking conflicts so that fruitful meetings can happen while maximizing room utilization.


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PanL Desk ManagerPanL Room Manager

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