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Smart Home System – PanL Smart Living

PanL Display 7"

Integrated systems are quickly replacing standalone solutions in today’s living spaces whether it’s in a home, hotel or in an office building. PanL Smart Living is a smart home solution that replaces multiple remote controls, switches or mobile apps with a single control interface platform, enabling easy access to many benefits of living the smart way. 

PanL Smart Living is a smart home system in Singapore, designed as an all-encompassing platform to replace multiple standalone home automation solutions, enabling greater comfort, convenience, safety & energy efficiency and cost savings. Our smart home system will transform today’s living spaces – our homes, hotels & offices.


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Finding it a hassle to operate too many mobile applications from time to time? PanL is the solution for you.

One System, Full Control (Smart Home, Smart Hotel)

Introducing PanL Smart Living from Bridgetek!

Benefits of Smart Living

Energy Efficiency

Contain your energy consumption in your smart homes easily through the use of proximity sensors and scheduled events.

Improved quality of life

Our smart home controller provides multiple control options; you’ll lead a productive lifestyle, using your time more wisely.

Integrated Solution

Our smart home solutions are designed to accommodate common brands of smart devices in the market. Adding a new device is also as simple as “A-B- C”!

  • Manage all your home devices through one platform
  • Create a robust controlled network
  • Flexibility to integrate with a third party devices and appliances
Unified SpaceRobust networkIntegration flexibility
Unified PlatformRobust Control EnvironmentIntegration Flexibility
Control all on one platform. Eliminate the need to have multiple remotes, mobile apps, switches and control platforms.Our wired based platform provides a reliable and cost effective way over wireless networks in creating a robust controlled network.Open to integrate with 3rd party devices and appliance, providing customers with more feature and cost options.

Transforming your living space with PanL. Enhance individual experience with automation solutions and provide convenience, safety, energy efficiency and cost saving at your fingertips.

PSL is designed as an all-encompassing platform to replace multiple standalone automation solutions, enabling greater comfort, convenience, safety, energy efficiency and cost savings, thus transforming today’s living spaces – our homes, hotels & offices.

PGRMS is aimed at building revenue for hotel owners and operators through enhancing in-room guest experience, energy savings in guest rooms/facilities, and increase productivity while reducing labor usage.


PanL Smart Living ecosystem diagram


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PanL Smart Living

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Smart Home Control System

PanL Display Mobile App Voice Control
Unified framework
Avoid going through separate smart home control systems, remotes, switches or mobile apps.
Superior lifelong solution
Flexibility to continuously expand to cater for existing and future technology as the application need arises.
Flexible connectivity
Enables a wide array of wired or wireless devices to be added or removed from the framework.
Robust controls
Complemented with a variety of wired PanL RS485 protocol accessories for quick and robust setup of smart controls.
Manage everything through a single mobile app which supports both IOS and Android devices locally or remotely.
Seamless automation
Home automation systems provide automated controls through creation of integrated sensors, personalized scenes and events.



Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz), up to 150 Mbps802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz), up to 150 Mbps
ZigBee802.15.4 (2.4GHz)802.15.4 (2.4GHz)
RF433SRD 433.92MHzSRD 433.92MHz

I/O Interface

Ethernet1×10/100BASE TX1×10/100BASE TX
RJ454x Ports to support RS485 PanL Display8x Ports to support RS485 PanL Display
RJ114x Ports to support RS485 PanL Sensors


Input Voltage24V DC (60W AC-DC Adapter 100~240 VAC to 24V DC)24V DC (120W AC-DC Adapter 100~240 VAC to 24V DC)
Output Voltage (RJ45)4 X 24V DC @500mA8 X 24V DC @500mA
Output Voltage (RJ11)4 X 5V DC @100mA

Physical Characteristics

HousingPolycarbonates ABSPolycarbonates ABS
Dimensions129.4mm x 256.3mm x 35.0mm129.4mm x 256.3mm x 35.0mm

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature0 to +55°C0 to +55°C
Storage Temperature0 to +70°C0 to +70°C
Ambient Relative Humidity20 to 85% (non-condensing)20 to 85% (non-condensing)

For more details, please visit resources page.

PanL Accessories


PanL35, 50 & 70

With 192mm x 125mm x 26.4mm dimensions, the 7-inch format PanL70 is employed in the PanL Smart Living Solution. It has an 800×480 pixel resolution TFT display that delivers an output of up to 420cd/m2, with a 65° viewing angle. A broad 16.7M colour palette can be utilised. Up to 5 touchpoints are supported through the PanL70’s robust capacitive touchscreen. Its audio attributes consist of either a 90dB buzzer or a 1W mono speaker. A MEMS microphone and an ambient light sensor have also be incorporated. Each display unit contains a high-performance BT815 Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphics controller, plus a 32-bit FT903Q RISC microcontroller unit (MCU) running at speeds reaching 100MHz. 256kB of program memory and 64kB of data memory are available. Strong graphical capabilities are bolstered by a video playback function.

With a 800×480 resolution as the larger form factor units. The PanL50 comes with buzzer or speaker options, and has multi-touch capabilities. In addition, for situations where smaller scale hardware will prove preferable, the PanL35 is a 3.5-inch touch/audio-enabled display unit with 320×480 resolution. Accommodated inside a 116mm x 86mm x 17mm enclosure, this is generally meant for portrait mode implementation, whereas the large PanL displays are more likely to be used in landscape configuration.

PanL Hub 80

Fully FCC and CE approved, the 80 enables installers to incorporate various different communication technologies into their system deployments, so that greater functionality can be derived while still ensuring maximum user convenience.

The PanL Hub 80 is able to interact with the broadest possible variety of wireless smart devices (both sensors and actuators) within environments like homes, offices, hotels, retail outlets, etc. There are no limitations imposed by the communication technology of the device, thereby allowing control of everything (heating, lighting, air conditioning, room/building access and so on) directly through intuitive PanL-based user interfaces.  

In addition, the wireline connectivity of the PanL Hub 80 is able to hook up to the building’s existing Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) infrastructure through standard CAT 5/6 cabling, with PoE capabilities meaning that power can be drawn via this route, as well as using it for data transfer. The PanL Hub 80 features 8 serial ports for this purpose and can connect up to 16 PanL70/PanL70Plus display units through these serial ports.

With a 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex A53 microcontroller unit (capable of running at 1.2GHz), plus 1GB of low-power DDR2 RAM memory resource and 4GB of embedded flash available, the foundation of the PanL Hub is its high performance semiconductor technology.

PanL Relay

The purpose of the PanL Relay is to bring greater functionality to installed systems, thereby leading to heightened levels of comfort. It serves as a means to deliver smart switching capabilities, via the PanL HMI touch displays. The incorporation of PanL Relays in home automation implementation will allow users to be able to activate or deactivate other smart home devices, domestic appliances (such as washing machines, microwave ovens, dishwashers, toasters, rice cookers, kettles, etc.) and other items of electrical equipment (like fans, lamps and outdoor heaters).

Contained within compact, low-profile enclosures (of 145.7mm x 96.7mm x 29.50mm dimensions), the PanL Relay is packed with sophisticated electronic technology. Each one features a high-performance, 100MHz-rated, 32-bit FT903 RISC microcontroller unit (MCU). In addition, there are 4 standard electro-mechanical relays for conventional control requirements, plus another 4 solid-state relays which are suitable for controlling higher power electrical devices. All of PanL’s Relays have it’s own corresponding status indicators, so that users can see what is being controlled.

The PanL Relay unit can be powered off a 16V to 24V DC supply. It connects directly to the PanL Hub, which lies at the centre of the home automation system, via their RS485 interfaces. For large-scale implementations where more capacity is required (such as residential complexes or office buildings), it is possible to daisy chain multiple units together.

This makes PanL Smart Living one of the best smart home systems for smart homes in Singapore.