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PanL Desk Manager

Technology For A Smarter World

A 1:1 desk to head ratio may no longer be cost effective or a good use of shared space when desks are underutilized. PanL Desks Manager help you maximize your estate returns without compromising user experience.

The management of shared spaces particularly working desks either in traditional corporate offices or the fast growing co-space providers is increasingly important as real estate costs have climbed steadily over the years especially in land scarce city-states. PanL Desk Manager (PDM) addresses the problem by enabling organizations to automatically manage desk bookings and increase the number of users per desk without compromising user experience.


Better management of co-sharing spaces

Smart administrator

Eliminate manual booking and release of desks. Maximizing user to desk ratio.
Book anywhere

Make on-spot desk reservations right from the desk panl (QR Code) or advance booking through Outlook or mobile app.
Quickly spot desk

Clear LED indicators to distinguish vacant and occupied rooms.
Desks mapping

Upload floor maps and assign desk location for intuitive booking experience.
Office365 & Outlook Exchange

Integrate and synchronize with existing Microsoft Outlook calendar seamlessly.
Desk utilization

Re-conditioning of shared workspace using statistical data for cost and space savings.
Quick scale and deploy

Easily scale up number of desks with wireless enabled displays powered by micro-USB.
Central management

Centralized console to manage configuration, booking resources and policies.


Desk Viewer


  • One glance desk availability with status filtering.
  • Browser-based interface.
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Search by desk, floor and building.

Web Console


  • Booking statistics
  • View statistics by country, building, floor, desk and desk display configurations.
  • PanL display firmware updates.
  • User management
  • Set booking policies.


Commercial/ Residential Facilities

Property Developers

Industrial/Office Buildings – Meeting rooms

Exhibition Halls/Conference rooms


Government/Financial Institutions