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Desk Booking System – PanL Desk Manager

A 1:1 desk to head ratio may no longer be cost effective or a good use of shared space when desks are under-utilized. PanL Desk Manager is a desk booking tool to help you maximize your estate returns without compromising user experience.

The management of shared spaces particularly working desks either in traditional corporate offices or the fast growing co-space providers is increasingly important as real estate costs have climbed steadily over the years especially in land scarce city-states.

PanL Desk Manager (PDM) is a desk booking system that addresses the problem by enabling organizations to automatically manage hot desk bookings and increase the number of users per desk without compromising user experience.


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Turn the workplace to the future digital workspace transformation and experiences home automation. Make your office work harder for you (Desk Booking & Room Booking System)

Make your office work harder for you (Desk ooking & Room Booking System)

PanL Desk Manager (PDM)

With PanL Desk Manager (PDM), companies can automatically manage shared working facilities where ‘hot desking’ policies are in place. Desk bookings can be made with utmost effectiveness, so that full utilization of available space is assured and return on the investment is maximized.   

Every desk included within the PDM desk booking system has a PanL35L display unit placed on it, and these are all connected to a web portal via the office Wi-Fi access points. Designed to comfortably integrate into modern corporate environments, the PanL35L units are stylish and compact (85mm x 70.5mm x 67.8mm). Fully CE and FCC certified, each has a 3.5-inch 320×240 resolution TFT, plus an RGB LED strip indicator (which visual signifies current desk status), built-in buzzer (to alert people of status changes) and 802.11b/g/n-compliant Wi-Fi connectivity.

Staff can now set everything up remotely on the desk booking software through Microsoft Outlook or by utilizing a downloadable mobile hot desk booking app. By referring to the Desk Viewer (which gives an accurate depiction of the office floorplan), they can see where desks are available at that office location without having to waste time searching throughout the building. In addition, they can determine who has been assigned desk space – thereby allowing them to book neighboring desks if they are working on a particular project with someone. Reserved desk space can be claimed via a QR code. The automatic release feature of this desk booking solution means that if the person who has booked the space fails to show up on time, it can be made accessible again to other prospective users.

The constituent electronics at the heart of each PanL35L in the PDM hot desk booking system comprises a dual-core 32-bit LX6 microcontroller and a sophisticated BT813Q graphic controller. The display has a 500cd/m2 output brightness and supports the rendering of 16.7 million colors. The PDM’s web portal gives facilities managers a detailed overview of all the hot desks in their inventory. This can be applied to a floor, entire buildings, or even multiple sites. Using the desk booking software, they can analyze supply and demand – so that further desk resources may be brought in as required. They can also examine user booking profiles, set time slot duration (and the time before/after booked slots in which desks can still be claimed), allocate desks (desk allocation tool) to certain employees, determine the maximum number of desks that can be booked on any given day and add new desks onto the system with minimal effort (with updates being made to the floorplan accordingly).

The new technology Increase efficiency in your day to day life.

1. Workplace Transformation

  • Handle Room/Desk booking conflicts
  • Manage resources with a Centralized Management Console
  • Maximizing Room and Desk Space
  • Gather insights for better planning
Handle Resource Usage ConflictsSmart AdministrationDesk-to-Staff RatioStatistics At Your Fingertips
The birth of business-changing ideas often come from meeting rooms. It is inevitable for conflicts to happen when meeting room usage is high. By setting strict usage policies and display signage may just keep the heat in check.Manage resources, user groups, user permissions and usage policies with a central management console. The flexibility to reassign desk zones and team members allows trial-and-error to achieve optimal space usage.Make your workspace work harder for you. Ditch the traditional personal desk arrangements and replace it with co-sharing desks. Users make on-demand booking and utilize the desks only when needed.Make better resource planning decisions by gathering insightful data on usage trends and resource loads. Identify key factors deterring growth in productivity per square metre.

PanL Desk ManagerPanL Room Manager
PDM enable organizations to automatically manage hot desk bookings and increase the number of users to desk ratio without compromising user experience.PRM mitigates and eliminates booking conflicts so that fruitful meetings can happen while maximizing room utilization.


The PanL35L Display provides users an intuitive interface option to monitor and trigger control events. It is based on a 3.5 inch 320 x 240 pixel TFT LCD panel powered by Bridgetek’s very own Embedded Video Engine (EVE) Graphic Controller chip that enables rich and intuitive GUI`s displays. It also comes with built in buzzer and Wi-Fi module for wireless connectivity. The display is also furnished with a RGB LED strip light indicator where different color codes can be programmed to represent a certain application event. The display can be placed in multiple areas as long as on a flat surface. The PanL35L is powered by the included 5V Micro-USB adaptor.

PanL35L Features:

  • Dual-Core 32-bit LX6 microcontroller (MCU)
  • Built-in advanced FT813Q graphics controller with display and audio functionality
  • 3.5″ high brightness TFT LCD (320*240 pixels)
  • Supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz), up to 150Mbps
  • Built In Buzzer
  • RGB LED Strip Indicator
  • Micro USB Type B Port
  • DC Power: 5V / 1A
  • Operating temperature range : 0oC to +55oC

Your hot desking solution for better management of co-sharing spaces

Smart administrator

Eliminate manual booking and release of desks. Maximizing user to desk ratio.
Book anywhere

Make on-spot desk reservations right from the desk panl (QR Code) or advance booking through Outlook or mobile app.
Quickly spot desk

Clear LED indicators to distinguish between vacant and occupied desks.
Desk mapping

Upload floor maps and assign desk location for intuitive booking experience.
Office365 & Outlook Exchange

Integrate and synchronize with existing Microsoft Outlook calendar seamlessly.
Desk utilization

Re-conditioning of shared workspace using statistical data for cost and space savings.
Quick scale and deploy

Easily scale up number of desks with wireless enabled displays powered by micro-USB.
Central management

Centralized console to manage configuration, booking resources and policies.


PDM Server Software installed on on-premise server can be configured via a simple web console interface (PDM Console) to connect to supported Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 calendars. The PDM console also allows the desk booking system administrators to assign desk layouts across local or multi-site locations, setup PanL35L display panels remotely and configure a variety of desk booking policies to suit administrator’s preference such as maximum desk booking hours per day or desk claim time limit to ensure desks are in good use. The desk booking software has a dashboard which displays booking statistical data provides valuable insights to management to understand and manage user behaviour to further improve hot desk allocation and desk utilization. Updated The new version release of 2.0 provides improved user search of project members/colleagues, able to locate available desk quickly, speed up search through suggestive text and desks can be filtered by pre-assigned amenities.

Users can book desks via Outlook Add-In, mobile devices and right from the desk panels. On spot desk booking through the panel is as easy as scanning the QR code through the mobile app and setting the desired booking time slot. The panel comes with a bright LED indicator to provide at-a- glance desk availability status from a distance. PDM enables the panels, mobile apps and the calendars to integrate seamlessly, synchronizing all scheduling data across all platforms on the same network. All communications in between are encrypted to ensure data security. The Desk Viewer interface provides an overall view of desks availability across different floors of a building spanning across different locations. This can be displayed on any network enabled screen placed at public access areas. New The new version release of 2.0, the Desk View provides summary view of Advanced booking, Desk utilization chart (understanding desk usage rate, administrator can now re-allocate spaces to maximise productivity), Recaptured hours (show efficiency of space usage) and Booking density chart (shows the usage trend by desk demand).

Convenient AccessEasy ConfigurationIntegrated CalendarStatistics
Scheduled bookings
Remote booking
Ad-hoc booking
Usage Policy
User management
New Users and Desk Booking
can be grouped and assigned
different booking policies
and permissions
based on
workplace arrangement.
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Office365
Usage trends
User behaviour and feedback
Most popular desk

Desk Viewer


  • One glance desk availability with status filtering.
  • Browser-based interface.
  • Touch-screen compatible.
  • Search by desk, floor and building.
  • Updated in v2.0Improved user search allows easy locating of project members/colleagues in their amenities. 

Web Console


  • Booking statistics.
  • View statistics by country, building, floor, desk and desk display configurations.
  • PanL display firmware updates.
  • User management.
  • Set booking policies.
  • New in v2.0 User and Desk booking policies and permissions based on workplace arrangement.
  • Updated in v2.0 Desk utilization chart, Recaptured hours & Booking density chart.


Product Brochure

PanL Desk ManagerPanL Room Manager

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Download Here


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