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How to tackle new office measures?

How to tackle new office measures?

Moving forward, businesses will be looking to save space and resources and following their success operating fully remotely or partial. With that in mind, companies are likely to see an increase in agile working in one way or another whether employees are grouped in teams and split up, with some working from home and some occupying office space, individuals divide their time between both, or a mixture of the two. Fortunately there are few methods to tackle this and adapt this guidelines to get the most out of it

1.  Display clear instructions and information – If ever, now is the time to hang signs with basic information on how to contain the virus. Remind employees to take a 4 steps approach before commencement of their work:

  • Wash hands
  • Don’t stand too close to each other
  • Avoid physical contact
  • Cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing
  • Wear a mask.

Clearly communicate any new guidelines regarding meetings, the use of meeting rooms or new sitting arrangements.

2.   Managing and allocating workspace efficiently – addressing problems by enabling organizations to automatically manage desk bookings and increase the number of users per desk without compromising user experience. Users can have the ease of mind that there will be a reserved allocated workspace for their employee’s activities.

  • Enforce workspace booking- manage all workspaces, either as allocate or bookable by employee by seats or schedule
  • Mobile App- Available seating areas can be found using by just searching or selecting directly from a floor plan that shows the status being available or occupied, and desks can be booked anywhere on the app by an employee

3.   Reducing Workspace Density – Limit the number of employees in one area and limiting the number of employees working at the same period. Easily adjust existing workspace for effective social distancing by blocking out the number of usable desks. This can be done in 3 simple steps.

  • Closed spaces- Sometimes, a desk or an area might have to be closed to be sanitized. Bookings for closed spaces are not available for bookings within the closure period.

4.   Limit surfaces that are touched – Restrict employees to use huddle spaces for social gathering or discussions, even limit the number of meeting rooms in use if you can. Every surface needs to get disinfected regularly, either immediately after use or at least twice a day.

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