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How do I improvise social distancing measures in my office?

How do I improvise social distancing measures in my office?

There are a few considerations to change how your office environment are laid out for distancing measures when returning back to office and social distancing is one of them and it will be with us for quite some time at work or even going out to shop for groceries. There are five areas which we will be addressing in the phased approach to the workplace return:

  1. Identify the number of employee versus the number of desk space available. With reduced office capacity, each worker needs to know when they’re expected in the office and where they’ll be seated.
  2. Plan an appropriate desk seating and reducing capacity in meeting rooms for physical distancing with at least 1M apart. Policing the reduced capacity limits applied to your workstation areas and meeting rooms, to ensure workers don’t accidentally or unnecessarily put themselves or others at risk.
  3. Ensuring every area is fully cleaned after each individual use, and keeping cleaning staff informed on where they need to clean and when.
  4. Staggering work shifts between office and home working to account for the reduce office capacity and accommodating to employees who wants to work remotely long term
  5. Introducing desk booking solutions to allocate employee seating arrangement and keeping a social distance in office which will result in productivity increase and reducing operation cost.

Taking the first step is by working with your Human Resources and identify exact headcounts, as well as which of these employees are working from home or working from office prior to this, as well as those on flexi-time contracts.

The second step will be to accurately identifying desk and meeting room capacity in your office location. Having more than one desk assignments for your employees? Take this all in to account. Knowing this, it will help you formulate a flexible desk arrangement strategy and helping the company to improve office productivity and reduce operation cost by increasing its user to desk ratio.

Once the desk and meeting room capacity has been identified and assignments to each employee has been completed, your next question will then be on with the desk to person distancing, how many employees can you safely accommodate on a given day in your office?

The final step will then be to plan an appropriate desk floorplan.

The return to office after post-covid19 will need adjusting accordingly, and an appropriate desk floorplan could aid in physical distancing measures as we all ask ourselves.

The office of yester-year

The office of today

  • Mainly fixed desks
  • Focus on maximizing capacity
  • Less circulation space
  • Technology tools that focus on increasing occupancy levels
  • Supported mainly in-office workers and less mobility
  • Some video conferencing tools
  • More and safer distancing measures
  • All flexible desks
  • Technology tools to assist with booking space when needed
  • Less occupancy
  • Focus on safety, sanitization
  • Analytics to understand needs
  • Remote working

The workplace technology that you adopt for the office of today will prove its worth for your organization as we look ahead and move forward. By easily adjusting the nature of your office design and incorporating improved workspace technology, you can aid productivity and adjust to a ‘new normal’ with minimal disruption.

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