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PanL Room Manager

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PanL Display 7" with RFID

PanL Room Manager mitigates or eliminates meeting room booking problems so that fruitful meetings can happen while maximizing room utilization.

PanL Room Manager (PRM) is designed to support companies large and small to automatically handle meeting room booking issues such as room booking conflicts, ghost bookings, under-utilized rooms, etc. PRM is able to mitigate or completely eliminate these common problems and potentially help to reduce the amount of rooms needed while increasing room utilization. Minimal efforts are needed to book rooms and fruitful meetings can happen without interruptions increasing overall employee productivity.


PanL Room Manager resolves common meeting room booking issues

Meeting room clashes?

PanL displays clear reservation details right at the entrance of your meeting room.

Trouble finding room?

Clear LED indicators to distinguish vacant and occupied rooms.

Impromptu meetings?

Manage your bookings through PanL displays or mobile app with our ad-hoc booking feature.

Finding the right room?

You can view room information such as capacity, layout, equipment and other resources before deciding the perfect venue for your meeting.

Ghost bookings?

Users are required to claim their rooms prior to the start of their booking. Should there be a no-show, the room will be released for other users.

Insufficient and underutilized rooms?

Statistics can be accessed from PRM console. It provides insights and useful data to better manage resources and estate returns.


Seamless integration and flexibility

Office365 & Outlook Exchange

Integrate and synchronize with existing Microsoft Outlook calendar seamlessly.

Multiple access control

Assign individual passcodes or RFID to authenticate users.

Easy deployment

PanL displays are powered through the hub directly using Ethernet cables. Each hub can support up to 16 PanL displays.

Cost effective architecture

By centralizing data processing in hubs, costs of displays are defrayed.